Friday, 17 November 2017


Our whole school went out onto the netball court and sat down into their lines in front of the chairs. They dressed up into there house colors so they know which team are they in. Next we all said a prayer to god and hoped we had a good start of the day. After the karakia we stood up and went to go and do some sport. The first sport we did was shot- put. After that Mr j went to go and play the trumpet. Every single time when mr j blew the trumpet that means we have to switch rotations. The next one we did was tug-o- war.  Mr Eze was the master at that game. Later on We did high jump with miss king. it went to easy and pretty hard but i did not make it in but at least I tried my best to jump.  My favorite activity was sprinting. It was my favorite out of the games i have played. In the end we went back to class to mark the roll and then we went back on the field to see some other people run. They did  good. Some teachers ran and some parents ran but mostly the kids won the game. They were so proud of them that they couldn't stop running .

Thursday, 16 November 2017

solar system

hello my name is Aaliyah and i am in room 9 at Point England school this movie is all about our solar  system our whole team came up with some good idea's and miss buchanan our wonder and pretty teacher went to grab all the idea's  togtheir  it did a well movie