Friday, 17 March 2017

year 5 and 6 camp writting

At camp it was so fun we did lots of things. we did kayaking we went to Mangere pools and we did get lost we did lots of activities. Camp is a fun activity. camp is so fun we do lots of stuff like sleeping  dancing and yeah when we eat drink and that’s it .My favorite thing is kayaking on the water it was so fun when  we got there we got lots of instructions from mr burt which he’s our principle like paddling on a canoe. I well like to thank mr burt  for starting all of this and if it wasn't for him then we wouldn't even do camping and i well like to thank my mum and dad for paying the money my teachers and mr burt.I learnt at camp to be kind true and necessary  to people .

year 5 and 6 camp

on wensday morning  year 5 and 6 went camping and  they were voting  about there  favorite activity