Friday, 28 October 2016


One day there was one troll and one bridge the trolls name was  kevin he lived under the bridge he loved his bridge more better than anybody  else he hated people and animals   there was 3x people who  went to go hiking in the bushes  there name was jess steve and a 5 year old girl named bella they had no lect christie no water and no sun so they went inside the bushes and when they did they heard  shouting and funny noises like trolls so they all started walking and they saw a bridge come on said jess there's no troll but they saw it here it was the huge troll that why the people had  been scarred of  the big troll AAAAAAA all of them ran but not steve
He did int  ran come on come steve said jess  wait  said  bella  i think that where the troll  lives and how would you no said  jess i read it off a book it could the book of ona bella showed the book the troll looked at it . It looks so beautiful if you give me that book i will let you go to the other side of the bridge bella said no  okay said the troll i'm going to eat you up all right said bella she gave the book two the troll  they walk like 5 miles away from that troll OMG said bella she saw a gorgeous castle and a candy land world they open the door while steve and jess started eating ice cream and started to walk in there they saw 1x king and queen  and  also 10 slaves hello said bella and the queen said i know you are you jess said the queen and jess said yes i am  and you muss be steve how do you know my name  i can sent you well come on meet the king hey said the queen we got visitors   well hello i am yes i know who you are said bella while the king got very devastated why are you  here  said the king wheir  here to go for a bush walk who said the king shouted okay now let not get any more trouble  come on  let have a look around  the place so here is the popcorn maker  and this well be your guys bedroom wait said bella are we living here well yeah said the queen okay then  said steve and jess look said bella  we got food and water  and  yeah  well you guys can take some stuff and you guys can leave come on said jess let  just stay here for one night alright said bella we will only stay here for just one night so it morning jess and steven woke up very they ate pancakes and a cup of juice well we're going for another bush walk again so they all got kicked out of the castle and kept walking once they saw a wolf  in the middle  of the dark they ran and ran until they saw a cliff it okay guys i got you said the superhero they fly to the other side of the cliff  they  all went making fire to start  getting warm and not just warm also marshmallo they all had a lovely life but  a  weird  day  so tomorrow guys where going back they all woke up and started to go back home .

Tuesday, 25 October 2016


In  the  afternoon all the ginger beer people went  out  on the  deck  and  started to open then bottle what happed  was  that the explode and our bottle fall down on to the ground  after that we all went to the bottle and open it up and had a drink it tasted so yuck what was wrong with it is that there was to much  yeast and that  how  we all end with a  drink  we all went back inside and did work work work

Friday, 21 October 2016


One lovely  day there was a young  girl named sophia  and there was two little babies  who always  wandered around the place,  there names are Bethan and  Amy.   They were all girls but not all them there was  two boys who always played tennis one was the dad and one was  football player and there names are John and lehi John told his son about back in then that the dad was a soccer player in  high school. It was night time Sophia  just  put her head on the pilo  it was morning she woke up and brushed her and had a shower she open the door and heard a  bang  it  was a different  country Sophia went back in the bathroom  but it  disappeared she is in the middle of nowhere she was in candyland world she ate the chocolate off the ground
And candy floss on the sky and she saw the mountains  full with ice cream  on it and a massive cherry on top but how would she get home she looked around eating her banana there   heard  2 people behind  Sophia she heard a noise come out come out  wherever you are said Sophia saw of  both of them came out and it was Bethan and Amy  you know them they always run around the place they slip by the banana split sophia was so sad because she couldn't get back home so they so they find out what is happening sophia has to hold one by one she was so so tired so she sat down and  had a rest  next  to the tree the people went pass the tree they saw babies sleeping  and  sophia sleeping they woke them and said why are you here sophia replied  back and said  i am trying  to find  my home said sophia  luck  replied  back and said well you should come with me and my king we'll find out  
here  you live so she did she saw a huge castle the people open the door and had a look inside it was there  king  she told the king that how can i go back  said  sophia  i just can't well said the king i   will   take you back home but the only way is to get back is that  you  haft  to bealt a machine to get you back home how do i bealt it with all of this candy said  sophia so sophia made a machine she called it the smoother doper smelly stinky machine  wow said the king he thought it well be called the  best teacher in the whole why world  who has little muscles called Mr Moran and a lady called miss king she had more bigger muscles then Mr Moran  i don't like the way how you called  it said the
King what if my name was miss king but sur you are a men right said  the king  i am a  men sophia push the green button she went in the machine  and  started to make her way back home  she looked at everybody  else and there goes a happy ending

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

The Scientist

In the beginning  there  was a  slam  behind  John's  back.  He got a massive  fright  from the outside door  “maybe it was  the  wind”  he said.  Suddenly  he saw his brother in the laboratory using  the test tube. He was a scientist when he started college he  put his white jacket on and added hot water to the test tube.
“I am going to be the best scientist in the world”  shouted Jack. He tiped some hot water in and it decided to burn   the  whole laboratory  out .  Before  the  explosion started  to burn John saved  his little brother  and  became a superhero. There parent came home and saw a big mess the kitchen was burnt and the  TV was on fire .
They brought a new  house and  told their kids to not be scientists, John told them the truth and jack felt very sad. The parent told him “that you need to get a job and that will not make you feel lonely.” The parent said  so John worked at countdown and Jack worked at the cafe shop and the parent  sat down on the couch and watched Percy Jackson and the lightning bolt.