Tuesday, 24 May 2016

The Eiffel Tower

In Paris there is a imposing Eiffel tower. The Eiffel Tower is made out of golden metal and steel. The Eiffel Tower

Is a masterpiece. When you're  on top of The Eiffel Tower your breathtaking view will flew away. On top of The Eiffel Tower it is a graceful and peaceful place .

London Eye

IN London.f THE ferris Wheel is the most scary thing. T
his London Eye  is 120 meters tall it is a outstanding view it is very  scary and tall  but not bigger than the Eiffel tower it is the Humongous London Eye of all I haven't seen a huge London Eye before  this is the most tallest London Eye around London the comfortable ride is very scary you should watch out .

Wednesday, 11 May 2016


2000 years ago the Colosseum was built before Jesus Christ  was born. Underground  there was a grand and a glorious Colosseum .

Long long time ago there were  gladiators  fighting wild animals there were many  creatures fighting. There was crumbling rocks  coming down from the sides it was a Earthquake pouring down.