Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Bouncy castle

Last Friday all the class went to a big bouncy castle it was so huge and so pretty when I first went on that it was so fast like I was swing like are penguin also superheroes I had the happy day of my life but also a great day.

We got two turns because we were very good to all the miss but not all of them only some of them we were so proud of our self when class 13 first went up there we saw blue red also yellow.

Today there was a penguin he was on the bouncy castle he was a little bit of white he had the same clothes as pt England school.

Thursday, 25 June 2015


Every Tuesday after lunch class 13 goes to the hall to play basketball.

The warm up games that class 13 plays are Octopus and Stuck in the mud. We play that every day so we can get some skills.

Coach Vinnie teaches us how to do lots of skills like dribbling and shooting. This helps us with basketball.

After we finish our skills we played Girls vs Boys. We lined up to shoot. The winning team has to score five goals and then you get to do the aeroplane.

My favourite part is when Coach Vinnie gave us a team point for our group because our group kept losing. We learnt lots and got some new skills too.

Friday, 19 June 2015

Mr Bean

 The fat old lady barked and pointed at the long grass with her walking stick. “Cut the grass, Mr Bean” she shouted while looking at the old lawn mower. Reluctantly, Mr Bean headed over to start the rusty old machine.

“Splutter splutter” Smoke poured from the mower. Mr Bean looked around, he wasn’t one for hard work. He knew there had to be an easier way. Out of the corner of his eye Mr Bean noticed the cage full of little bunny rabbits.

Picking some of the grass mr bean walked over to the cage and gave a bunch to the rabbits quickly they gobbled up the sweet green treat. Now he got a good idea.

Tinkering in the shed mr bean created the perfect tool for a man as lazy as himself a rabbit lawn mower after settling the bunnies to work he relaxed in his chair and enjoy the lemonade.

Fraction Fish

We have been learning about fraction. These fish teach us about equal parts of a circle.

Saturday, 13 June 2015

PE Style

I made this movie with my friends in year 3 extension.

The first thing we did was to write new words to Taylor Swift's song - Style.  Then we had to record ourselves singing. Finally we were able to make our very own MTV.