Friday, 20 November 2015

The museum

Yesterday class 13 went to the museum the first thing we had to do was listen to josh he was talking all about palaeontologists after that all of our classes went up stears we were eating our morning tea then after that we got our own booklet we were going to find dinosaurus but then I saw a tree house there was a big gririla stering at the door I felt like I was getting a little frighten then after that levonah group had a break outside. They had a lollies because they did there best after that we ate our lunch and got a bisket each after that we waited for the bus after that we went back to our class and watch manaiakalains moviesafter that levonah group got a packet of lollies.

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Puss N Boots

This is me reading my story - Puss in Boots. My goal was to read the punctuation correctly and to use some expression. How did I do?

Monday, 9 November 2015


In this activity we practiced measures different objects first we estimated the length and then we measured with a ruler

Shape Tangram puzzles

This is my shape picture in my shape I can see triangles square and parallelogram 


Monday   9th  November 

On Saturday morning my family went out to have some fun we were all watching a program called super girl it was a fun movie to watch.After that my friend Got some hula-hoops out for us to play with she is the most lovely friend ever .

On Sunday morning my friend went to my house and asked me if I wanted some pizza so I said yes after that I got some healthy things out.  We had a picnic. Before the picnic we were making a cake then when it was getting dark so I went inside to watch TV.

On Monday morning we went back to school to have some fun and it was kind of cool we have two do some writing about the weekends.

Friday, 6 November 2015


My dinosaur is called Star-o-saurus. He lived 70 000 years ago

He makes stars at night 

In the dark he glows very well. The scales on his back is a machine that controls the stars .
Star-o-saurus lives in a rainbow land. There are heaps of games to play in rainbow land. There is netball soccer and also rugby.

 The sharp claws on his hand help him dig for gold coins. The star-o-saurus is 30 feet tall but 9 feet long .

When the machine get wrecked the rainbow land will have to break into some pieces and 
Star-o-saurus will need to  save the dinosaurs and the rainbow land he love the rainbow land the more then the dinosaurus.

Star-o-saurus is my best dinosaur because he saved the whole wide world and the rainbow land.