Friday, 6 November 2015


My dinosaur is called Star-o-saurus. He lived 70 000 years ago

He makes stars at night 

In the dark he glows very well. The scales on his back is a machine that controls the stars .
Star-o-saurus lives in a rainbow land. There are heaps of games to play in rainbow land. There is netball soccer and also rugby.

 The sharp claws on his hand help him dig for gold coins. The star-o-saurus is 30 feet tall but 9 feet long .

When the machine get wrecked the rainbow land will have to break into some pieces and 
Star-o-saurus will need to  save the dinosaurs and the rainbow land he love the rainbow land the more then the dinosaurus.

Star-o-saurus is my best dinosaur because he saved the whole wide world and the rainbow land.



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