Wednesday, 12 October 2016

The Scientist

In the beginning  there  was a  slam  behind  John's  back.  He got a massive  fright  from the outside door  “maybe it was  the  wind”  he said.  Suddenly  he saw his brother in the laboratory using  the test tube. He was a scientist when he started college he  put his white jacket on and added hot water to the test tube.
“I am going to be the best scientist in the world”  shouted Jack. He tiped some hot water in and it decided to burn   the  whole laboratory  out .  Before  the  explosion started  to burn John saved  his little brother  and  became a superhero. There parent came home and saw a big mess the kitchen was burnt and the  TV was on fire .
They brought a new  house and  told their kids to not be scientists, John told them the truth and jack felt very sad. The parent told him “that you need to get a job and that will not make you feel lonely.” The parent said  so John worked at countdown and Jack worked at the cafe shop and the parent  sat down on the couch and watched Percy Jackson and the lightning bolt.

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