Tuesday, 15 November 2016

film festival

On Wednesday morning last week the whole school went to the film festival movies we all went on the bus and we went Into straight  lines and started to walk straight into the bus.  When we got to the film  festival I was waiting anxiously. When I was sitting with my friends I was so shocked when I appeared on the big screen  I was cheering for our movies when the movies just popped up I  was skipping with excitement but when Josh and Marika went up on the stage  I realised something off the movie. I was on it this was my first time looking at myself being proud but the other times  I was covering  my  face.  I  couldn't believe it  i'm am not shy anymore this was amazing .When we all went back to school our class went back to class and went and did blog comments  we also watched the movie I was in. My favorite movie was history by room 5 because when they where little kids they looked so cute  this was a day full of Joy.

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  1. Hi Aaliah, I loved the Picture it looks very beautiful!!! I have a Question, Why was that day fulled of joy???? I am also happy that you had a fun day.I even loved the way you said which one you loved. :):):):):):):)