Tuesday, 6 September 2016

liam and the messy room

How did mum and Liam know that Harold was missing and not just visiting the neighbours?
Because  yesterday  harold didn't  came  for breakfast
Why did Liam have to shove piles of stuff away to get into his room?
Because  his  room was messy
What was missing in Liam’s room?
He couldn't see the bed
Where did Liam go when he disappeared?
Into the  messy stuff
Who did Liam feel when he couldn’t get out?
Trixie  licking  him
How did Liam and his pets escape the mess?
By cleaning up  
Why did Liam say nothing when his mum said “Thank goodness they’re home?”
Because  his mum might be worried or  she  might  be upset  and angry
What did Liam learn from this event?
By cleaning up instead of making a mess in  his room

Draw a picture in Pixlr of what you think Liam’s bedroom should look like. Write Liam a short letter explain how he can make sure thing don’t go missing in his room again.
Pitcher  in  here
liam .jpg
Dear Liam,
You need two clean your  room
Before you play  and
Don’t  leave anything  on the  floor
Because  you might  get  loose  again
Into the  yucky  rubbish  no mess   

From   Aaliyah

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  1. Hi Aaliah I really think Liam Should listen
    to you hey what did you do on fathers day? I see you got a video for fathers day on your blog.