Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Fia Fia

At the fiafia in the library the kapa haka people got ready to do the performance . On the stage they felt butterflies in their tummy. For our costume We were wearing a  piupiu and tights and also  a black t  - shirt. It was  very exciting.

I got very very anxious when I first got on the  stage, I saw a lot  of people out there cheering and shouting and making us proud. My  Mum and Dad waved and cheered for me the whole time. We were singing  whakataka te hau and  ka pioioi we had to smile and be happy about what we are doing .

When we got off the stage we  saw our mum and dad they had tears falling down their eyes  because they loved the performance they talk and  talk to us and  said they were proud of us.

I looked up to the sky I watch the stars move It was the best day of  my life my Mum and dad can’t stop crying they still love the performance.

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