Friday, 17 June 2016


There was a big taniwha on Lake Taupo. Most of the people were scared of  the taniwha .Tamarereti said to himself he will not go past that huge taniwha.  Tamarereti Was so hungry that his rumbling belly was starving. He checked  his kete and it was empty . Tamarereti  decided to catch some fish on lake taupo. Tamarereti thinks there will be enough time to sleep in the darkest night .

When he was sleeping the W

aka was blown by the wind. Tamarereti  waka went on  the other side of the lake. When he woke up he saw another land. He cooked his fish. Once he saw some glistening pebbles, Tamarereti thought of an idea. They would help light his way home . He went to go and picked the glistening pebbles on the lake . Tamarereti  put it in the waka and threw them on the sky and the Taniwha wouldn't scare o tamarereti again. Ranginui talked and talked to tamarereti and finally Ranginui loved how  he made all the stars float on the sky. Floating and floating and floating on the sky.  After that he went back to his whare and had a sleep. Ranginui was so proud of him the end.

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