Friday, 8 July 2016

Art Work Reflection

My artwork made me feel awesome because it has lots of colours in it and I am so proud about my artwork because it means  A Lot for me.  When I am doing my artwork I am ready to show all my family my amazing and awesome and creative artwork.  I really love my artwork it is an amazing design and shows happiness.
The best thing about my painting is that I enjoy what I do and enjoy the happiness inside me . Painting  is my favorite thing  to do and it is also amazing I love all the stuff  about my painting. It is a lovely painting I love it so much.
What I didn't like is that the vivid was kind of hard and so different to the others. The other one that I don't like is trying my hardest to get over it I hate all of the hard part it is so hard to get all of this finished in time was the hardest for me.
I can do my artwork  next time  by trying  my hardest. I can make it better by changing all the stuff and putting my new stuff in  it.  I can make my artwork better by putting the colorful stuff and I can do that next time and that.
The interesting thing was struggling with the stars. It was the interesting thing in my life it was hard to do the stars so   I made lot  of mistakes. That I did large stars and doing tricky stuff which was the stars .
Mostly  I learn taking care my artwork and learning how to teach my friends at doing artwork. It was very hard to look after my friends and making sure that they are all right.

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