Thursday, 8 February 2018

All About Me

Paragraph One:
Hi my name is Aaliah. I am 10 years old,I live in Glen innes, Auckland, New zealand. I have 5 sibling and a mum & dad . My dad’s and mom's name is sue and robert I love my family very very much .

Paragraph Two:
My favorite movie is descendant 2 and 1 . I love sushI so much and I also like salmon and chicken . The   sport player that I like watching is  jerome kaino.Why I like jerome kaino is because he show’s  improvement from his team which are the all blacks i support the all blacks and silver ferns and What I like doing in the weekends is hanging out with my family and friends they sometime drive me crazy but i will still be A friend and whanau with them.

Paragraph Three:
What I enjoy about learning is how confident the teacher and how we can be role models. To the whole world we can be whatever we want to be and together we can change the world by learning being kind and always share . The area that I really really want to work in is writing and maths . What I mainly want to work on is descriptive mean I can  describe more and more until I can get better and better .  THANK YOU FOR VISITING MY BLOG AND FOLLOWING MY LEARNING JOURNEY PLEASE FEEL FREE TO LEAVE A POSITIVE COMMENT

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