Friday, 16 October 2015

Survivors assembly

On Monday morning room 13 went to the immersion assembly. Mr Burt was wearing a funny costumes he was hunting a fiapoko burt was holding the fiapoko he put it in the oven and cook it up into a KFC lunch 

Term 1 had the best movie they were all learning about dinosaurs . Dinosaurs are huge and big they make a lot of noises they are huge and they are so not great for little kids little kids are so scared of dinosaurs they are not my favourite animals they are triceratops.

My other favourite item is term 3 .term three was learning about dinosaurs to . there was a disco dinosaur there was a ballerina dinosaur and also a whole lots of dinosaurs they were so colourful and so beautiful  they are so big and huge they all love dinosaurs so does we but some of the dinosaurs scarred them.

The assembly was great they all love watching term1 Term2 and also term3 all of them was funny I'm glad that all of the kids were laughing about mr burt one that was my favourite I love dinosaurs I am looking forward to go to term 4 it will be so great for me.

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