Monday, 28 November 2016

Athletics day

On friday we had a day full of fun . It was Athletics day we did sprinting high jump and lots of other stuff like that.  Whenever the instrument goes we move onto another game when people races jumps land catch and thro
w it actually  not about winning it actually  about having fun. The people who comes first which is gold medal  and second which is silver medal and third witch is bronds if they come 1 2 3  they are in one of the final when they are running. Or doing high jump you can support our friends and cheer for them the colors for the teams is yellow blue green and red at the end of the Athletics Mr Burt  get all and parent and also seany is to run when I am doing high jump I feel like superman when he flies.  My  favourite game in the whole wide world is sprinting i always practice at home so i can get some fitness working before we started the athletics we listened to Miss Vaafusuaga for the instructions she told us about it not about winning it's about getting out there and  have some fun she replied back so we did had some fun and didn't moan about anything.  I said to myself this is my chance to get out there and have some fun next week friday we had people that came 1 2 3  and  4  i was cheering for my group.

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