Monday, 25 December 2017

Summer Learning Journey, The Rules of Engagement.

Activity 2: The Rules of Engagement!

Women were expected to have babies and remain in the home caring for their children. Few, if any, left home in search of work. Men, on the other hand, were expected to work outside of the home. These days, we don’t have the same strict expectations about work. Girls and boys can choose their own path in life. In fact, I was lucky enough to go to university and to follow my dream of becoming a teacher!

When I grow up I would like to become a teacher. The reason why I want to become a teacher is because I like to help little kids & I want to teach my future students to learn how to learn, create & share. I also want to become a teacher so I get use to saying everyone's names & I really want to communicate with elder & younger students / teachers. I was inspired by my cool teachers Mrs Buchanan & Miss West. I really want to become a teacher one day! 


  1. Hey there Aaliah, it's great to read that when you grow up you would like to be a teacher. I like that you want to teach for all the right reasons too. I am a teacher and it is super fun and really rewarding so I think you would really like it. I hope that you achieve your goal. Best of luck!

    What age would you like to teach?

    Thanks, Billy

  2. Hi Aaliah!

    My name is Ellee, I am another part of the Summer Learning Journey Crew that is commenting on your blogs this summer.

    Looks like you have been off to an amazing start to your activities, I hope you have had an awesome Christmas and New Years break too?

    This is a really great picture you have created (I love the Pt England uniforms). I think it is great that you want to be a teacher, it is such an important job and we need some lovely new people coming through to keep things fun!
    Do you know if you want to be a primary or college teacher?

    Keep up the awesome work with your blog Aaliah, hopefully we'll see you back soon!
    Ellee :)